Monday, 10 January 2011

Review of Doctor Who "Besieged" - In Space Only The Doctor Can Hear You Scream...

New territory this, but prior to doing a review of ‘A Christmas Carol’ I thought I’d have what can only be described as a trial run, as such I’m going to take a look at ‘Doctor Who – Besieged’.

As you read this you’re probably thinking, what on earth is ‘Doctor Who – Besieged’, well let me explain, it’s a fan film from Magic Works Entertainment.

Up until now I’ve steered clear of anything with the word ‘fan’ anywhere near it. Looking back, I’m not overly sure why I’ve given it such a wide berth, probably the fear that I’d have the misfortune to read or watch something that was, to not put too fine point on it, utter rubbish.

Now before all the fan-fic writers and fan-film makers find me and lynch me I’m not saying that it’s all bad, but knowing my luck whatever I chose most likely would be, if that makes sense...... that sentence kinda got away from me a little didn’t it?

Anyway I’ve gone off topic, this is meant to be a review of Besieged not an essay on my thoughts fan made media.

At this point in a review the customary *SPOILER WARNING* should appear in massive foot high letters, but this time it’s not the case as I’ve got a copy of version 1 of Besieged, which is the promo version and only lasts a few minutes.........

Written by and starring Ryan Hendrick the story opens with the audience following a small group of marines running through the innards of a ship with the screams of an unknown assailants filling the corridors. The scene then cuts to a scientist kneeling over the body of a man, the dark and atmospheric music then stop to reveal the instantly recognisable Doctors Theme, this is no man, it’s The Doctor and he’s just regenerated.

The scientist seems to know exactly what is going on, her and two marines make it to a small room dragging the Doctor along with them. Within seconds one marine has been dragged off down the corridor by an unseen creature.

We’re now left with the Doctor and his companion plus a lone marine trapped in the ships boiler room. As with all post regeneration Doctors this one is no different, he’s a little disorientated and not quite himself yet.

This Doctor seems different from the others (as all new generations should be, they are different men after all), he seems older, more melancholy. As the marine approaches him the Doctors Theme once again plays to reveal the Doctors previously disfigured face has completely healed.

The three then attempt to find a way out of the boiler room via the air conditioning system before, hoping that the route they have chosen leads to pipes they can crawl through rather than a dead end.

Upon reaching the entrance to the ductwork they are attacked by one of the creatures, or in actuality aliens (yes actual aliens, the ones from the films with Sigourney Weaver). The marine stays behind to allow the Doctor and his companion to escape, after a short sprint through the ship the Doctor and his companion are knocked from their feet but an explosion (that also removes a good size section of the ships outer hull), the teaser then comes to an end with an Alien crouching over them............. roll credits.

As I said earlier, it was only a few minute film, however, it did what it needed to. It left me wanting more. My exact response was “No! You can’t end it there!!” Nothing hooks an audience like a cliff-hanger.

Overall I enjoyed Besieged, it was well paced and managed to produce a good atmosphere, never having a truly clear shot of the Aliens worked well (a creature you never see and that lurks in shadows is far more frightening than one that wants to dance in a spotlight – which is also why Alien is a horror film and Aliens is an action film).

The way the scene is filmed and lit really makes it work, the CGI ship isn’t the best, but that didn’t bother me and it doesn’t take anything away from the final product.

I can honestly say I’m looking forward to the full length version.

So there it is my first venture into the world of fan-made media and I’m glad to say I’m not disappointed.

I’m you’d like more information on “Doctor Who – Besieged” have a look at their facebook page