Matt Meets David Tennant

My meeting with DT at EMS2011, the picture and sounds aren't perfect but I'm more than happy as my meeting with DT was caught on camera!

Here's a rough transcript:

DT: Wow, that’s absolutely amazing, I didn’t expect to see anybody dressed like that today!

Me: Well, I thought everyone would be dressed as the 10th Doctor so I thought this would be a little different.
DT: How’s that on your skin? I was lucky, I got to wash it off fairly quickly.
Me: Yeah, it’s ok, it does start to flake/grate after a while...
DT: I’d wash some of that off just to make it easier
Me: It’s ok, I’ve done this outfit a couple of times
DT: Have you? I’m very impressed.
DT: (looking at pics) these are great (spots the one of me and him) What’s going on here?
Me: Well... That’s me dressed as... you.
DT: I can see, that really looks like you!
Assistant: We’re you at Milton Keynes? I remember seeing you there.
Me: (grabs phone to show DT one of the pics of me as him) Yeah, that was me
DT: Shall I sign these in silver?
Me: Yeah, they’re drawn by a friend of mine in New Zealand
DT: They’re very good
DT: I’ll do this one in black
Me: (showing pic on phone of me as 10) This is me as, well, you.
Assistant: (to me and David) I’ve seen you in the full outfit and you look really good.
DT: Oh right, do you do a lot of sourcing costumes?
Me: Well, a fair bit, they are all characters that are you.
DT: Excellent, it’s a pleasure to shake your hand today.
Me: Thank you
DT: I hope your skin recovers!