Saturday, 9 April 2011

Corsham Sci-Fi Family Funday - Doctor Without a Companion

Costumers and Guests
Having decided that a review cannot just say “AWESOME!!” in massive letters here’s my review of the Corsham Sci-Fi Family Funday. Prior to the event I was feeling far from 100% thanks to an evil spring cold and after a nice relaxed drive in truly glorious weather I made it to Corsham just before 4pm on Friday afternoon, after having a good catch up with Matt Booker, it was time to quickly head to the venue to see how the event setup was progressing.

With the event setup going well it was time for a quick change and to head over to Rudloe Hall Hotel for the group meal out with the guests, my table was joined by Richard LeParmentier (Admiral Motti from Star Wars). The meal was very nice and highly enjoyable (although I would have like a bit more food).

The Doctor with Cyril
My 6am alarm was most unwelcome, once I’d finally found the energy to get up and ready I appeared at the venue some point around 7.30am. After many cups of tea, flu tablets and throat sweets I was feeling far more human by around 9am.

Today saw me as Doctor without one of my normal event companions, which would have meant a distinct lack of photo’s of the event on my part, it’s hard to take pictures when you’re in them! However my saviour appeared in the form of Tiny Time Lords mum who offered to look after my camera and take some snaps throughout the day.

The actual event itself really flew by, time flies when you’re having fun as they say!

Now for those that have read my reviews before I’d normally say what I’d done and who I’d met, but in this instance it didn't seem right, as such here are the highlights of the day:

Audience with the Daleks
Costumed Guests: There were loads! All looked really good and had great fun mixing with the crowds. A special mention has to go to ‘Cyril’ the Shansheeth who looked truly awesome (For those of you not familiar with a Shansheeth, the look like giant walking Vultures from the Sarah Jane Adventures).

Audience with the Daleks: The Daleks were on form today, I had the role of operating the roaming mic to get the questions from the audience. The Daleks we pure comedy as always, especially when asked their opinion on the new Daleks. I managed to avoid most of the Dalek fire and remained fairly dry, they did get me with a couple of good shots but the fringe survived! If you ever go to an event where an Audience with the Daleks is taking place I highly recommend giving it a watch.

And the winner is.....
Fancy Dress Competition: Always a highlight of an event as it’s great to see what costumes people come up with. Somehow I ended up on stage on host (I’m still not entirely sure how that happened?!?!), luckily I was ably assisted by Tiny Time Lord and an on stage cameo from K9. For the judging I was joined by Alan Ruscoe and Richard LeParmentier, the costumes in both categories were great with the winners for the under 10’s being a Cyberman and over 10’s was Christina as The Tardis. Great stuff!

Charity Auction: As part of the event there is a charity Auction. There were some brilliant items on offer including signed pictures, limited edition prints and the star item was a figures of Amy Pond and The Doctor each signed by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. I walked away the proud owner of the Amy Pond figure.

The Auction. I really should be banned from auctions!!
As I said at the beginning of the review it would have been possible for me to sum up the event in one word, and that word would be “AWESOME”, but its true, the whole event was really good fun, on last count over 1400 people came through the doors and over £3,800 was raised for charity.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved and to all those who attended, without each of you the event couldn't have been what it was.

The date for the 4th Corsham Sci-Fi Family Funday is already set and will take place on April 28th 2012, which as it happens is also the weekend of my 30th Birthday, should be interesting...