Friday, 8 February 2013

Dining With The Doctor: My Review of the Unofficial Whovian Cookbook…

I confess, this is new ground for me, I’ve not done many reviews before I’m also not renown for my culinary skills so giving my thoughts on a Doctor Who cookbook is a little out of my comfort zone!.

However, let it never be said that I’m not up for new challenges! As a result when Chris-Rachael Oseland sent me a copy of ‘Dining With The Doctor: The Unofficial Whovian Cookbook’ it was time to don the ‘kiss the cook’ apron and give it a whirl!

The book itself is a colossal 183 pages (in the pdf version I have) and contains a recipe linked to each episode of Doctor Who since it’s return in 2005 all the way up to the 2011 Christmas Special: The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe.

In addition to the episode specific recipes there is also a whole section dedicated to fish fingers and custard, but we’ll look at that later…

So, the recipes then, to make things nice and simple everything is listed in both imperial and metric amounts so whatever weighing system you use you’ll be happy, yay! Another great thing about the book is that the recipes are written like little stories rather than in the more formal way of a standard cook book, here’s a two short examples, both from the first recipe in the book for ‘Nestene Consciousness’ for the episode ‘Rose’:

“You’re back on Earth, more than a little scarred from the Time War, and very much needing some bright, optimistic human company again. You found that, but you also found a Nestene Consciousness. While bright and colorful, it wasn’t so friendly.”
“Start by mixing your wine, citrus and sugar until you have an undrinkable mess. Don’t worry. Once they're well blended, you’re going to dilute the dense concoction by pouring in heavy cream.”
Slitheen Eggs

As you can now tell, this is no ordinary cook book!

When I was flicking through the book, one of the drinks instantly caught my eye, have you guessed which drink it could be? The 10th Doctor is famous for it and also invented it a little earlier than planned, I am of course referring to ‘The Doctor’s Accidental Banana Daiquiri’…

“Always bring a banana to a party - especially if that party is in 18th century France. If you’re The Doctor, you might use it to accidentally invent a banana daiquiri while partying with the future Madame du Pompadour.”

I confess, I rarely drink, but I do like a good cocktail so I can see me drinking these on a few future (or past) occasions!

Cybermen Heads
The book itself contains a massive selection of things to try; some are based on really simple ideas, ie beans on toast… WHAT! Beans on Toast!?! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in a recipe book before, then when reading the recipe, it all became clear, as a Brit, beans on toast is part of the staple diet, whereas across the pond it’s a lot less common, here’s what the book says:

“British readers, you’re entirely forgiven for wondering why Americans, known for their love of starchy foods, find beans on toast to be strange, alien, and exotic. For you, beans on toast is a comfort food. For most Americans, it might as well be served with a Slitheen egg.”

Anyway, moving one, the last section of the book is devoted to one thing and one thing only: fish fingers and custard!

Now we all know the ‘classic’ version is literally a few fish fingers and a bowl of custard, job done! However ‘Dining With The Doctor’ goes all out and provides readers with not one but 9 different versions from the real thing to tacos and even a cocktail!

Ood Mezze
So, having read this far you’re now potentially thinking, where can I get a copy of ‘Dining With The Doctor’ then? Well, it’s on Amazon and to save you looking for it, I’ve even included a link! Aren’t I good to you!

Having got to the end of my review, I’ve realised I haven’t actually included much reviewing… So my review: If you are a Doctor Who fan and like having fun in the kitchen then ‘Dining With The Doctor: The Unauthorised Whovian Cookbook’ is well worth a look. Check it out!