Guest of the Weekend Award

2011 Winners

Entertainment Media Show: David Tennant
Collectormania Glasgow: John Levene & Robert Maschio (Special Award for being ‘Just Awesome' – Kyla Cole)
Dalek Invasion: Not Awarded
Stars of Time 2011: Not Awarded
Doctor Who Day: Not Awarded
LFCC: Not Awarded
Sci-fi South Collectors: Not Awarded
Wales Comic Con: Holly McGuire
Newport Sci Fi Collectors Fair: Not Awarded
Corsham Sci-Fi: Not Awarded
Memorabilia (Spring): John Levene

2010 Winners

Collectormania London: The cast of Ashes to Ashes
Memorabilia (Winter): Not Awarded
Dimensions: Nicola Bryant
Stars of Time 2: Not Awarded
Winter MCM Expo: Not Awarded
Regenerations: Terry Molloy
Whooverville 2: Not Awarded
Collectormania Glasgow: Dominic Keating
LFCC: The ‘Vampires in Venice’ Girls
Event One: Bernard Cribbins
Bad Wolf: Not Awarded
Collectormania Milton Keynes: JG Hertzler, Robert O’Reilly and Lance LeGault

History of the 'Guest of the Weekend' Award

Me with Robert O'Reilly and JG Hertler
In a number of event reviews I’ve mentioned competitors for the ‘guest of the weekend’ award. Well here’s a little bit of history behind it (as well as some of the previous winners). And before anyone points it our I know some of the events are only single days so are not actually weekends, but that’s what the award is called so :p

The award was first created back in May 2010 at Collectormania Milton Keynes, by myself and Mr Tim Ingham, it wasn’t really planned it just kinda happened.

Davros  and the Doctor (Terry Molloy and Me)
The award was first inspired by the highly funny Robert O’Reilly and JG Hertzler (Gowron and Martok from Star Trek). These two guests were pure genius, highly amusing, chatting to everyone and at one point singing drinking songs while in full Klingon makeup.

I think the main reason we were so taken aback is that we just weren’t expecting it and they were two guests that weren’t really on our radar.

As such the award for ‘Guest of the Weekend’ was born. The award isn’t for the biggest guest or most famous but for the one that is the ‘best value’ ie best to talk to, funniest, most interesting, just more than ever expected really.

The one and only Bernard Cribbins!
The award was actually given twice at CM:MK 2010 the second winner being Lance LeGault (Colonel Decker from The A-Team), again a real legend, great to talk to, pure comedy and an amazing guest.

Since CM:MK we have always been on the lookout for potential winners on the ‘GotW’ award, not all events have one, it’s not given just for the sake of it.

One day we may actually make a physical award that can actually be given out...