Saturday, 23 March 2013

Too Small for Superman?

Here we are again with another random(ish) blog post!

Recently I declared that I planned to do a Clark Kent costume, my reasoning I’m a massive fan of Superman but I’m not built big enough to pull it off…

This then lead on to one of probably the most talked about things in the world of costuming/cosplay: Does it matter?

It’s always been the big question: just because I’m not 6’6 and built like a tank does this mean I should be put off from doing a character?

Should anyone?

It’s probably the most difficult question for anyone who is a costumer. The answer really depends on the person and what element of costuming they enjoy.

For me, I always try to pick characters that suit my look and style. This probably harks back to how I got into costuming (the girl in the pub saying I resembled DT, if you’d forgotten). As a result I’ve always avoided characters that don’t fit my look.

So where does that leave me? Clark Kent fits my look (suit, geek glasses and the iconic S) whereas Superman I’d just not feel right, even if the outfit was padded it just wouldn’t suit me as I consider myself to be just too small.

The same thing is true when I’ve looked at other DC and Marvel outfits (no Batman or Wolverine for me).

But that brings us back to that initial question, and the big picture: For the costume community as a whole, does it matter? The answer is an easy one.

No. No it doesn’t.

The only thing that should matter with costuming is how the individual person wearing it feels about it. If they are happy then that’s all that matters. The point of any hobby is enjoyment after all.
That’s it :)