Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lords of Time – Tea, So How Should It Be Made...

Yes, this is a blog post about how to correctly make a cup of tea!

How to make tea?!?
Over the course of the Lords of Time weekend a large amount of tea was consumed, especially by me, now the age old question is, how should it be made? Milk first (the correct way!) or milk in second?

This debate raged most of the weekend, the girls from the DT Forum, and I locked in stalemate as to who was correct, only one man could sort this, I am of course referring to Mr David Tennant.

During the DT guest talk, the question was asked, so how should tea be made? We all expected a quick reply, what we got was probably the most detailed description of how to make tea I’ve ever heard!

The reply went a little something like this...

“Well, erm. Start off with putting a tea bag into a cup, half of you will already have written off my answer because I’m not using a pot! Anyway put a bag in a cup doesn’t really matter what type.

Then add boiling water and let masting take place, yes that’s a technical term! The tea should be left until it’s got a good colour, something like a dark beige.

At which point the milk should be added, commonly known as a splotch”

DT had sided with the milk second contingent (which thoroughly depressed me) however, he did redeem himself by not classing fruit teas or similar as tea (Rosehip, for example, if it’s not got caffeine in then it isn’t tea...)

As an avid tea drinker it was a shame to see that even my favourite Time Lord makes tea the wrong way... Oh well!