Saturday, 29 October 2011

MCM Expo London Film and Comic Con and Memorabilia - Day One, Martha and The Doctor

My previous post got the moans and grumbles out of the way, now onto the event itself!

Expo and Memorabilia are two very different shows. Expo is all about anime, costumes and ‘free hugs’... Memorabilia is more of the classic signing event; they also differ a lot in how busy they are. Expo is manic (50K plus people) where as Mem attracts far less. Expo also seems to attract a younger crowd (well that’s how it felt to me).

The big draw for Memorabilia for me was Freema Agyeman, she’s never done an event before so this was an opportunity not to be missed. As there weren’t that many people at Memorabilia her queue wasn’t overly long (I’m done moaning about queues now). Freema was fab, she was really chatty and came across as really enjoying the whole experience. Now that she’s done an event I hope she’ll appear at more in the future.

I might have mentioned before the artwork of Michael David Key (click here) and that I often get stuff signed for him. Memorabilia was no exception. Today I got Freema’s picture signed (she loved it and was really impressed), Alexa Havins (Esther in Torchwood: Miracle Day, she also thought her picture was great) and Arlene Tur (Dr. Juarez in Torchwood: Miracle Day). 

The Doctor and Martha
Arlene was more stunning than I was quite prepared for, she also really liked the picture that Michael had done of her, so much so she took a picture of it and then called her partner over so he could have a look as well.

Onto the photo shoots, on the Saturday I’d only booked a shoot with Freema. She was great (I confess, I may now have a little Freema crush...) In the shoot she was really chatty and I was able to have a nice huggy picture with her, yay!

Apart from Freema the main highlight of the Saturday was seeing John Levene (again). You may remember my guest of the weekend awards, well, as John has always been a truly awesome guest every time I’d seen him, he was presented with a special ‘Guest of the Weekend 2011’ award. His reaction was to be overwhelmed. To read the whole encounter click here.

And relax...
In addition to Freema and John I was also looking forward to catching up with Holly McGuire and Kyla Cole (regular readers will know I’ve met both of them a few time and think they are both fab).

On this occasion I’d bought them both a bottle of wine and by pure luck had managed to guess Holly’s favourite (which for a man who only knows that wine comes in White, Red or Pink was a bit of a miracle!!).

While chatting to Kyla she mentioned that rather than flying home after Expo she was going to stay in the UK until Memorabila (approx 3 weeks in the future) as it saved on costs, at this point I had a moment of either madness or bravery and said as she was staying over here did she fancy going out for a meal one night?

To my complete amazement she said yes, but that’s another story...

10 and 11 causing a crowd...
The final highlight of Saturday was meeting one of my friends for the first time, Mr Matt Elliott. Matt had emailed me a few weeks prior to Expo as he’d been told he looked like Matt Smith. My reply, get a rough costume together, take a picture and send it over and I’ll have a look, I was amazed by the result as he had the look spot on! To judge for yourself have a look at his facebook page.

Meeting Matt for the first time was great fun, Expo was also his first event so it was all a very new experience. While chatting we both suddenly noticed that we had a crowd forming around us, the result of this, about 30 mins of posing for pictures, nothing like a baptism of fire!!

Not a bad way to spend a day.