Sunday, 31 October 2010

MCM Winter Expo - Hot Zombies!

Wellll..... what can I say about Expo.

This was my first Expo, went purely by chance to be honest so wasn't sure what to expect.

Camille Coduri -
Her first words to me were 'hello old friend'
Wow, was it busy!! I've never seen so many people in my life!! There were thousands of them!!

My initial reaction was to be slightly overwhelmed! It really was an experience.

Queue, oh the queue, the never ending queue!! Took two hours to get in on the Saturday. The queue itself was an experience, as it just never seemed to get any shorter! Once we'd finally bought as ticket, there was then an unexpected bonus queue to get a wrist band thing......

So at 2pm on Saturday we made it into Expo, it was just too busy, couldn't move for people!! One thing that I'd never come across was a phenomemon for carrying signs offering 'free hugs' have never come across that before, I've personally never had to ask for hugs (people just seem to like hugging me, lol!)

Managed to meet Q from Star Trek (John De Lancie) and got a photoshoot with him, he was really nice and easy to chat to.

I forget what I was going to write....
There was also a Delorean (yes the car from Back to the Future) that people could have a picture in, had to be done!! (Well, the Tardis keys are now in the hands of Matt Smith so got to get creative!!)

As a random bonus I stumbled across Camille Coduri, she was on one of the dealers stands signing, was really nice to meet her (never met her before) she was really chatty and loved the suit and my look, when i first walked over her inital greeting was "Hello old friend" which i thought was really sweet.

The one major downside I found with Expo was the cost of meeting guests, £20 for a photoshoot and £15 for most guests was a little steep in my opinion, but it's not a guest meeting event, the big thing about Expo is Cosplay!!

There was lots and lots of Cosplay, some truly epic outfits, could have spent all day people watching and taking pictures.

Mini Dalek!
So, Sunday came and I went back to Expo (hadn't planned to!!). I had a plan, get pictures and just spend the day wandering round, and that's what I did!

Met loads of people, got hugged lots (told you I don't need a sign) and had lots of nice comments about my look :)

I've learned a valuable lesson, if someone has "free hugs" written on their hand in biro do not hug them!! I was lifted off my feet by one guy and spun round like a rag doll, much to the amusement of onlookers!! I also discovered that some of the people there can be a little grabby, my bum got pinched a few too many times!!

At one point I had a guy come running up to me and demand to know why I'd left my Tardis in plain site (there was a photo area with a Tardis, Cybershade, K9 and 10 look-a-like, who was also the photographer). He then followed this up by telling me that some fake Doctor had claimed my Tardis, that did make me smile.

'When Fangirls Attack!'
Many thanks to Sue for being my camera operator for the day! One thing I've found when I go to events is that i never end up taking any pictures!! As such I get photographed lots but have no pics of my own!!

Have a look at the album, there are some great pics, especially the mini Dalek!!

Will definitely go again!! 

My opinion: Awesome event, especially if you are an Anime fan!!