Thursday, 25 November 2010

Famous Faces and Various Places...

To link in with my first year convention going anniversary, I thought it would be good to have a look back at the last year and compile everywhere I’ve been and who I’ve managed to meet.

Where I’ve Been....

Collectormania London, Timequest 2, Corsham Family Fun Day, Salute, Stars of Time, Fab Cafe 3, Collectormania Milton Keynes, Bad Wolf, Event One, London Film and Comic Con, Whooverville 2, Collectormania Glasgow, Regenerations, MCM Expo, Stars of Time 2, Norwich Sci-fi Festival, Dimensions, Winter Memorabilia.

And Who I’ve Met......

John Barrowman, Rene Auberjonois, Tom Baker x2, Peter Davison, Colin Baker x7, Sylvester McCoy x4, Paul McGann x2, Janet Fielding, Sian Pattenden, Lucy Benjamin, Tim Ingham x2, Baxter Sullivan, Michael Jayston, Frazer Hines x2, Deborah Watling x3, Paul Blake x3, Jeremy Bulloch x3, Richard LeParmenter x2, Jason Salkey, Katy Manning x3, Shirley Eaton, Britt Ekland, Caroline Munro, Kenny Baker, Nisha Nayar x2, Nicola Bryant x4, Alan Ruscoe, Charlie Ross x3, Graeme Harper x2, Alan Ruscoe, Colin Spaull, Rob Shearman x2, Sarah Sutton x4, Georgia Moffet, Tommy Knight x2, Joe Flanigan, JG Hertzer, Eleanor Tomlinson, Jennie Linden x2, Robert O’Reilly, Kate Mulgrey, Lance LeGault, Michelle Forbes, Patrick Stewart, Peter Mayhew, Robert Duncan McNeil, Tim Russ, Arthur Darvill, John Leeson, Sophie Aldred x2, Andrew Hayden-Smith, Nick Briggs, Ruari Mears, Bruno Langley, Ian McNiece, Christopher Benjamin, Trevor Baxter, Caroline John, Carole Ann Ford, Lisa Bowerman x2, Nicholas Courtney x2, Nicholas Parsons, Philip Madoc, Florence Hoath, Margaret John x2, Donald Tosh, Andrew Cartmel, Bernard Cribbins, Elisabeth Sladen, Elizabeth Croft, Gabriela Montaraz x2, Hannah Steele x2, Kristanna Loken, Nia Roberts, Paul Kasey, William Shatner, Michael Cochrane, Paul Darrow, Danny John Jules, Hamish Wilson, Terry Molloy x2, Anneke Wills, Helen Griffin, Matthew Chambers, Lawry Lewin, John DeLancie, Honor Blackman, David Prowse x2, Wendy Padbury, Chris Barrie, Warwick Davies, Daphne Ashbrook, Matthew Waterhouse, Yee Jee Tso, Beth Chalmers, Andrew Smith, Ciara Janson, Charlotte Lewis, Finn Jones, Anjli Mohindra.

I think that’s everyone, not bad for 12 months......

In addition to the stars mentioned above, I’m proud to say I’ve also met loads on new and interesting people and made many good friends.

All told, there is only one word that could be used to sum up this year:


Roll on 2011!!

My favourite picture. Me and Nicola Bryant