Sunday, 7 November 2010

Norcon - A Local Show At Last!

Having driven back from Weston Super Mare the night before I was understandably a little tired, it was also raining heavily on the morning, not a good way to start a day........

Me with Warwick Davies
Got to UEA where the event was being held at around 10.15, finally got out of my car at about 10.30 (I really hate rain, my hair hates rain even more!!)

So having spent 15 mins hiding from the rain Lucy and I finally went into the event, really didn’t know what to expect so it would be an experience, my reason for going (apart from it being local) was to have a catch up with Terry Molloy (as you may or may not know, he’s the reason I got into all this).

A convention in a uni common room/student union, this was a new one for me, not a bad venue all told, it was a shame there wasn’t a bit more signage within the uni to tell people where to go, but that’s probably me just being picky.

For me doing Stars of Time the day before took something away from Norwich Sci-fi Day, a number of the guests were the same, but I can’t hold it against the event, let’s face it, Stars of Time was the other side of the country!!

Autograph signing...
There was only one real downside to Norwich Sci-fi was the layout of the room, it was set in a sort of S shape, it was the best layout due to the sunken stage area but it did mean walking round was slightly difficult a you ended up walking from one end to the other then had to turn round and walk back to the entrance door, personally I’m a fan of circles, but that’s just me :)

The major plus side of having an event in a student union was the cost of food and drinks, i.e. really cheap!

When I arrived my first port of call was to grab a cuppa, have a sit down and generally take in the surroundings. While sitting drinking the aforementioned cup of tea I was approached by two girls from the University Live-wire service to have a chat on camera about events.

It appears that this was a weekend for autographs, I must have signed about a dozen 10th Doctor Battles in Time cards, it’s a very strange feeling signing pics of DT!!

I had my catch up with Terry Molloy, was good to see him again, last time I saw him was back at Regenerations in September, it’s always good when guests remember your name.

10 and 5. It's Timecrash all over again!
As well as Terry Molloy I also got to meet Chris Barrie (Rimmer – Red Dwarf), this was the first time I’d met him, I’d been to events he’d been at before but had never got round to meeting him. Seeing Chris Barrie made Lucy very happy as she is a big fan of his! In addition to Chris I was also able to meet Warwick Davies (Willow!!) which was very cool.

While I was there I did meet some new people including members of the Norwich Time Travellers, a Doctor Who fan group. It's always good to meet new people who have similar interests.

All in all a good day, doing two events in the same weekend definitely took something away from this one though, I’ll be waiting to see what they have planned for next year.