Sunday, 21 November 2010

Winter Memorabilia - Tank Girl, A New Companion?

Note to self, if you have to be up a 6am, do not go to bed at 2am!

Anyway, on to Memorabilia. As you may, or may not know, Memorabilia is run by the same company that do Expo, as such I assumed it’d be similar both in size and how busy it would be.

Possible new companion? Tank Girl
To put it simply, I was wrong.

The event seemed really quiet compared to others that I’d been to, there were lots of dealers but what appeared to be a lack of customers.

I got to the NEC at around 10.15, would have been there a 10 if my Sat-Nav didn’t have it in for me, in all the excitement of getting there I also failed to make a note of which of the NEC car parks I was in, not a problem when arriving, but a real pain at the end of the day.....

Today would be a bit different as I wasn’t with my usual convention going colleagues, I’d instead be spending the day with Will (aka Tiny Time Lord) and his dad which I was quite looking forward to. Prior to their arrival I first had a catch up with Matt Booker, grabbed a cup of tea and got my bearings.

Me with Luke and Rani (Tommy Knight and Anjili Mohindra)
Despite what I considered to be a lack of people there were a good number of guests, Luke and Rani (Tommy Knight and Anjli Mohindra) from The Sarah Jane Adventures were there signing (they were only meant to be there on the Saturday so seeing them was a bonus), they were also doing free autographs which was an added treat. Keeping with the Doctor Who theme, Katy Manning was there with Finn Jones (Santiago from SJA Death of the Doctor). Katy was on good form as always and I go her to sign ‘that’ Dalek picture.

There weren’t too many costumers there that I saw (compared to what I’ve become used to). In addition to the ever popular Star Wars characters, there were a few worth mention. The always lovely Kate was there as Harley Quinn, there was also a great ‘Tank Girl’ as well as Xena.

Doctor Who and Star Wars crossover
For a change I spent a good amount of time having a look at all the various trade stands, one that I came across was an artist my the name of Matt Dixon, he’d done a number of alternatde versions of well known characters, including Tinkerbell (who was dubbed ‘Drinkerbell’) and a ‘not so little’ Red Riding Hood. I had to pick up a copy of each.

Overall it was a good day, but I can’t help thinking that it was missing something (although I can’t quite put my finger on it). The certain missing something is also probably why this review is a little shorter than the others have been. Writers block?

Oh well, Collectormania London next weekend, bring it on!