Sunday, 30 October 2011

MCM Expo London Film and Comic Con and Memorabilia - Day Two, And Relax...

Following a good night’s sleep (the free room upgrade the hotel gave me helped!) it was time for day 2 of the madness known as Expo/Memorabilia.

I hadn’t really got anything specifically planned for day two so decided to take the day as it came.

Upon walking in I gave into temptation and bought myself photoshoots with both Alexa Havins and Arlene Tur, they had both been so nice the day before I decided it would be nice to see them again.

Also on the Sunday Tim and Laura debuted their new Cosplays, Laura as X-23 (Wolverine clone) and Tim as Dakin (Dark Wolverine / Wolverines son), I had to try out the Dakin claws and somehow managed to make having talons growing from your hands look camp... Oh well, I guess it’s a talent I didn’t know I had...

Sunday was a nice relaxed day, far less busy than the Saturday which is nice as you’re actually able to walk round and have a proper look at things as well as seeing some amazing costumes.

How do I make claws look camp?!?
So that was it Sunday was very much a day of wandering, taking photo’s and not stressing about what time I had to be in a photo queue.

John Levene was again on good form and whenever he walk past he beamed at me or stopped and chatted.

Kyla and Holly both looked gorgeous (as per normal) although they both said they thought the event (Memorabilia) would be busier as it was London.

That brings me to what could be classed as my closing statement, a summing up if you will...

If you’re going to run an event, run ONE event, don’t try to bolt on a second one and split people and guests moving between the two, it just doesn’t work and just confuses and annoys people.

Fingers crossed that MCM will learn from the London Expo/Memorabilia when they add an Expo to the Birmingham Memorabilia in March...