Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Who’s That Girl?

According to various sources it looks like Auntie will be announcing who the new Doctor Who companion will be tomorrow...

New Companion - But who will it be?
Now while I can see this causing great excitement I find myself in the odd position of not actually wanting to know who it’s going to be. To me it’s almost like a mini spoiler, I’d rather it just happen rather than it being announced ages in advance...

What I don’t like about the whole ‘who’s going to be the new companion’ saga is that all the guessing lists are all established actresses. Personally I would like to see a complete unknown take the role, which, for me would make the companion easier to bond with.

Bear with me here while I explain. The issue I have with well known actors and actresses in tv series roles is that it can become about the actor first and the part second (although I accept this is not always the case). With an unknown actor as we know nothing about them it’s easier to bond to the character first.

Now I know the first thing you’re all going to say is that it’s the sign of a great actor that they can become the part, and to be honest you’re right, it’s just my underlying fear that their personality will eclipse the part they play...

Sophia Myles - Madame De Pompadour
My other current fear with the new companion is that they will bring back someone from the past, specifically Sophia Myles AKA Madame De Pompadour.

Now, I loved M De P, the episode she appears in is one of my all time favourites and her as a character just worked for me.

My issue would be if they did bring her back as a companion, even as a one off it would ruin her original appearance.

The whole idea of her being on the slow path and never seeing the Doctor again would be destroyed by her appearing again.

For me, her story was complete and doesn’t need to be tweaked in any way, it is perfect just the way it is.

But then again this is the Moff’s era so anything is possible...