Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Crash of the Elysium

It’s June 15th and a new exhibit has opened in Ipswich to commemorate the Elysium. A ship launched from our very own docks by Princes Helen and that was lost in 1888 after 50+ voyages.

The exhibit itself has a few remains from the ship and a number of photographs from the time, it’s quite dry but informative, that is until the military burst in...

There has been an incident and they need our help!

Photo from the Crash facebook page
What I don’t want to do with this review is give too much away; I personally detest spoilers so it wouldn’t be right for me to spoil the plot.

The Crash of the Elysium is a live action interactive theater production, where you become part of the cast. The production is brilliantly done; it cleverly moves you from one location to the other with different encounters along the way.

The fact pace and closeness of the surroundings really immerse you in what is happening, you don’t have time to stop and think it’s always on the go. It really is a treat!

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the dress rehearsal with my friend Jemma, there were a number of occasions during the adventure where she did cling to my hand and understandably so, the production is designed to cause a good level of fear as you have no idea what you will encounter next in the dark...

The production is a collaboration between Punchdrunk and the BBC’s Doctor Who. The precise details of the show, which is scripted by Tom MacRae, are a closely guarded secret, beyond an ominous reminder.... Don’t Blink

The production appeals both to families and schools as well as old timers like me, which is a testament its quality. I’m actually attending the Crash for a second time on Tuesday for one of the ‘after dark’ shows, I really can’t wait!

If you are going to watch the Crash of the Elysium then you’re in for a treat, if you’re not then you really are missing out!