Monday, 15 October 2012

The List / Freebie Five...

What seems like a lifetime ago now my friends and I were talking about our ‘lists’.

For those thinking, ‘Matt, what are you on about’, the concept of the list was made famous by the Friends episode: ‘The One with Frank Jr.’ Where you and your partner both list five celebrities that you can have your wicked way with should the opportunity arise and the other person can’t get mad. My version is slightly different I opt for 'the run away with if they asked me' option.

While recording episode two of Journeys in Fandom we end up going a bit (lot!) off topic and get onto the subject of lists, when you hear it it’ll make sense! (It'll also put this blog post in context!)

So anyway, the list, my ‘freebie five’... Here’s my first problem, picking 5, I never really managed it so I had to add some ‘bonus slots’, more on those later.

The other thing about the list is that it should be a purely fantasy and fun thing, it was never designed for you to meet the people on the list... As you may notice, I’m not good at this!

So then, in no particular order, the list!

Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky, American women’s wrestler formerly with TNA. I had the pleasure of meeting her in January the day after seeing TNA live, I’m glad I did, if not I may have missed my chance!

Kyla Cole

Anyone who has known me for more than 5 minutes will know my view on Kyla Cole, one of my favourite women of all time. If ever she's at an event over here I always make sure I say Hi!

Nicola Bryant

Nic in the 80's she's still just as gorgeous now

Ah Peri, my favourite companion from Doctor Who. She may have been a companion back in the 80’s but she’s still as gorgeous now as she was then. Nicola is truly lovely.

Sophia Myles

A new entry to my list, this slot was previously occupied by Georgia Moffett, but after meeting Sophia she was just awesome. I'm still gutted that I never manage to see the second half of Utopia!

Miranda Raison

Another new addition, originally Holly McGuire had this slot but after meeting Miranda at Greatest Show in May ’12 I was smitten. Holly is lovely but Miranda wins it.

Bonus Slot – My First Love, Gillian Anderson

This was a bone of contention when originally announced, however Tim approved it so I’m allowing it. Plus you first love never changes, mine was Gillian Anderson.