Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Shhhh.... Spoilers!

With the mid-season break of Doctor Who rapidly approaching I got to thinking about, to quote River Song, Spoilers Sweetie.....

I’m trying to decide if spoilers are a good or a bad thing, to help me decide I’ve posted the question on my Facebook page (

River's Diary... Spoilers
Personally I think spoilers are bad, I liken it to reading the last page of a book first, or watching a race when you already know who wins....

But on the other hand spoilers do have their place; little teasers for example wet the appetite for what’s to come, hence the little snippets of the next episode.

It’s probably more down to personal preference as to whether spoilers are good or bad, one thing that does bug me though is when people indiscriminately share them. The last thing I want to see when I log onto Twitter or Facebook is a random post telling me the storyline of a show that isn’t due to be broadcast for weeks.

So for this short post it’ll end as it began, with the words of River Song.

Shhhh.... Spoilers!