Sunday, 29 May 2011

Collectormania Milton Keynes: Sunday - Spoilers Sweetie...

CM:MK Day two, Sunday and we all know what that means... Alex Kingston aka River Song! Being a Sunday, the event didn’t open until 10am which meant I was able to have a lay in, however even with the extra hour I still managed to oversleep!!
Me with Tony Coburn

Today in honour of River I was going for the Silence in the Library look, big hair, blue suit and black (with a hint of red) shirt and dark red (almost black) tie.

Showmasters knew how popular Alex Kingston would be so had a separate queue for her, people were already queuing when I got out of bed, would need a bit of time travel to ensure I got a good number VQ ticket...

With me still quietly praying for a day of no wind the doors opended and thanks to some good timing (timelord, timing... sorry, bad pun) I managed to grab myself VQ ticket 32 for Alex, result!

Knowing my photo with Alex was at Midday I spent most of the morning doing what I could to avoid any sort of breeze!!

While wandering around the dealers area I once again bumped into Tony Corburn (Look him up on YouTube – Timelord From Hell), Tony and I have been at a number of events at the same time but had never actually spoken (until now). If you look up his video blog from Corsham Sci-fi ( I get a mention about 18 and bit minutes in (complete with Omen music and a red flashing image!).

Tony is a top chap and in terms of look-a-likes I have massive respect for him as he’s as good if not better than me at it (although he’s too modest to admit it). At some point soon I hope to appear in one of his event blogs (or fingers crossed even a spoof!).

Skip on to 12 and it was time for the Alex Kingston photo shoot. The shoot was busy, very busy (as expected). Some people made comments that the shoot was disorganised, however I don’t agree with this at all, the shoot was done by numbers and everyone got through very quickly. Malcolm was on good form as always, when it was my turn to see Alex for the photo the whole experience was a bit of a blur, she did however make a nice comment about my look.

With the autograph I did have a bit more time to say ‘Hi’ as I was getting three items signed by Alex, unfortunately as I’d left it until the afternoon she was no longer able to personalise autographs which was a shame.

 Alex was really nice and did chat as much as she could but due to the sheer volume of people that wanted to meet her there wasn’t much time to have a proper chat. Having a hand drawn picture of her (from the very talented Mike Key - was a great help as it was a talking point.

Group Shot
Next on my list of people to meet was Robert Patrick (yes, the T-1000 from Terminator 2), as was the theme of the weekend I did the photo shoot first. The photo was a bit different, mainly due to the rather large security guard that was present...

Robert (although I feel I should be calling him Mr Patrick) was different.... actually no, restart that sentence. I didn’t know what to expect from Mr P, however I was pleasantly surprised to find he was chatty and friendly and has a really firm handshake.

By this point in the afternoon it was also time to say goodbye to Tim and Laura, the bar (and the con in general) just wouldn’t be the same without them, then again they did have a good reason for going a bit early, they were getting married in less than a week!

The Doctor and Sarah 'Ginge' Smith
Skip on again, this time to 4pm. There had been a plan made to have a group shot with as many of the Doctor Who costumers as possible and there were many, many indeed! As part of the many photos I also had a picture done with my favourite companion (excluding Peri of course) Sarah ‘ Ginge’ Smith.

By the end of the many pictures I was beginning to feel my age (and had also gone slightly blind from the flashes). Sunday night was also the point where my Twitter companion and fellow tea drinker Leanne had to leave as well, there was however time for us to have a final cup of tea (or 3) in the bar.

And with that I’ll draw Sunday to a close...