Wednesday, 22 June 2011


You’re probably wondering who Kate is and what she’s done to get a blog post dedicated to her...

Well, Kate is... My SatNav.

She’s softly spoken with a slight Irish accent and is my constant travelling companion. To rework a quote from Idris and The Doctor, “she takes me where I need to go, but not necessarily where I want to go...”

My beloved Kate
Kate does also have her own personality (no, really she does!!). There have been times when she’s been quiet for a while and she’ll tell you not to stop at a layby just so that she can remind you that she’s there.

She also has a bit of a temper and gets a little jealous. The best and funniest example of this was when Jemma and I were on the way to Spring Memorabilia (March 2011).

While on the journey Jemma was making a joke at my expense... Kate didn’t really like this and when her attemps to talk over her failed, she took matters into her own ‘hands’ and launched herself and her holder at Jemma hitting her square on the knee resulting in a fabulous bruise as a result.

The majority of the time my Kate takes me exactly where I need to go, she does occasionally get lost, but she’s usually ok, kinda adds to her personality really and I wouldn’t have her any other way...