Sunday, 5 June 2011

Wales Comic Con - Kate's Revenge...

The older I get the worse I get a judging distances... (Lincoln, that’s near Wales right?)

Having been at the Team Til Wedding the day before, Jemma and I had decided as we weren’t too far away we’d head over to Wrexham and give the Wales Comic Con a look, it was a new event for both of us and there were guests we both wanted to see.

As Lincoln was a little further from Wrexham than I’d originally thought we both had to be up rather early, which isn’t great when you don’t head to bed until almost 1am (I need my beauty sleep!!)

Me with Gareth David Lloyd
So, 7am and once again it was time for Kate to guide us on our way, the 3 and a bit hour journey went really quickly, however Kate was not in the best of moods this morning and simply refused to find Wrexham University (I think she overheard Jemma being mean about her, either that or she just isn’t very good with Welsh...)

As a result of Kate’s refusal (or inability) to find our destination we had to resort to Google Maps on the iPhone to get us there, which did work and we arrived around 10.30 which wasn’t bad going.

The venue was a sports hall, which as venues go wasn’t too bad, it just would have been nice if it felt less like a sports hall (if that makes sense?).

First job, as always was to have a wander round and see where everything was. The hall was fairly well laid out, guests round the outside traders and stands in the centre and the talk and photo areas off to one side.

After getting our bearings it was time to grab a photo session ticket with Gareth David Lloyd, the photo shoot ticket itself was a raffle ticket, as a personal thing, I like a ticket to be a little less easy to lose, but that’s just me...
Me with Doug Williams from TNA

There is one really nice thing about going to events in new places, it means I see people that have never seen me before, for example I had one girl ask me for a photo and she was literally jumping up and down on the spot with excitement, which was a little unexpected.

Jemma was keen to see GDL as well as James Moran and as I’d never met either of them it would be a new experience for me. Both guests were really nice and quite chatty which is always a good thing.

We only had one photo booked that day and it was with GDL, it turns out that most of the people there were also in the same queue.... Oh well, I’m British, if we do anything well it’s queue!

The photo shoot was one of my main gripes of the day, I think I’m becoming spoiled as I’m so used to Malcolm that anyone else just isn’t the same. My picture was good, although I wasn’t very keen on the white background as I looked a bit washed out, there were a few pictures that I saw that had been framed badly, one even had part of the persons head missing! (I’m hoping that was an error and not the actual paid for picture!!)

Me with the lovely Holly McGuire
My reason for going to Wales wasn’t to see any of the Sci-Fi guests, it was actually to see two of the Wrestlers from TNA (Impact Wrestling). Yes, I confess I’m a wrestling fan!!

I met Doug Williams and Desmond Wolfe, both were really cool guests and I had table pictures with each of them.

My other reason for going was to see Holly McGuire and Kyla Cole (as it’s only June it was my 2nd time meeting both of them, the first being Memorabilia). Both Holly and Kyla had been really fab at Memorabilia back in March so I was looking forward to seeing them both again.

In the end I think I spent a good hour throughout the day chatting to them, both were really friendly and we were talking about other events and they were asking me about LFCC and Collectormania Glasgow as they had been invited to both.

It was while chatting to Holly and Kyla that I met the cutest mini Doctor I think I’ve ever some across, he wasn’t very old and was fascinated with me, he came running over to show me his screwdriver, it was a really nice experience to have someone so mesmerised, we had fun swapping screwdrivers (although it was a struggle getting mine back again!) and in the end he wanted to be picked up so his parents could take a picture. Really sweet.

Enjoying the gig...
During this interaction I could hear Jemma, Kyla and Holly chatting and commenting with the occasional “awwww”. It was at this point that they asked if Jem and I were a couple.... Our reaction: “us, a couple? No, never. Never a couple! NO!”

As I'd spent so much time chatting to Holly she definitely deserved the Guest of the Weekend Award for just being fab (as well as looking stunning) 

It would have been nice if the day had been busier, this would have meant that I’d have had less time to chat to the guests, but there were times the venue just seemed a little empty.

Overall it was a really good event and I plan on going again next year.

GDL Performing
As an extra bonus after the event had finished GDL’s band Blue Gillespie were also going to perform at the University (that explains why his photo queue was so long!).

I’ve never seen Blue Gillespie perform (or actually heard any of their material for that matter) but Jemma assured me that I’d enjoy it...

They are a good band and I confess I did enjoy the show (although you’d never tell from looking at the pictures). It was a nice way to finish of a good day and an awesome weekend.