Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Peri And The Piscon Paradox - My Thoughts...

On Sunday at Regenerations 2011 I picked myself up a copy of ‘Peri and the Pisocn Paradox’ by the very talented Nev Fountain, I’ve been meaning to buy this since it was released back in January but I’ve just never got round to actually doing so (yes, I know, I’m a rubbish fanboy!).

So, audiobook purchased all I needed now was a nice long drive to listen to it on... Guess what, Regenerations is held in Swansea and that’s a good 5hrs away from me, plenty of time to listen to it in full.

Peri and the Piscon Paradox
For those of you not familiar with the story here’s a quick (non spoilery) synopsis care of Tardis Wiki:

The Doctor and Peri journey to Los Angeles 2009 to do battle with a Piscon. His name is Zarl, and he's a fish of utmost evil.

Zarl is going to steal all the water of Earth and sell it to the highest bidder. Or blow up the San Andreas fault. Or the planet. Or something like that. He's a bit vague on that point.

Fortunately, to stop him there’s help from an unexpected source: a future version of Peri. She knows Zarl's dark secret.

But should the future Peri be on Earth at all? Something smells fishy – and it's not just Zarl.

Two Peri’s, for those that know me, this is actually my idea of heaven... (I’m going to stop that train of thought right there!)

Queen Peri
Two Peri’s, I was impressed with how Nicola portrays the two different versions, it was also good to hear that Nic can still do the Peri accent after all these years.

The storyline for P&tPP was great, having two versions of the same character from different points in their timeline worked really well, it was also clever to mix in two different versions of the Doctor as well.

A great thing about the story is that it finally explains what actually happened to Peri in the end, including a nod to what was actually happening within the BBC at the time, brilliantly done!

The end of the story is also quite unexpected. Chapter 18 of disc two I actually found quite harrowing and very emotional, it gave Peri a much greater depth and the way Nicola performed it was just beautiful.

It’s quite difficult to write a review without giving anything away as knowing what happens would spoil the story.

My advice if you get chance, buy it and listen to it. You won’t be disappointed!