Saturday, 1 October 2011

Entertainment Media Show, Day 1 – Has It Really Been Two Years?

Approximately two years ago the ‘Entertainment Media Show featuring Collectormania London’ (EMS) was simply known as Collectormania London, it was also the first convention event I ever went to so this event (in name rather than strict timing) was my 2nd anniversary for being on the convention scene...

Why does this always happen to me?
Originally I was going to go for my standard 10th Doctor look for this event, then the British weather intervened and we had an unseasonal October heat wave , so the Doctor gear was out and Benedick was in (complete with white paint!).

So Saturday morning Jemma was given the highly amusing show of me preparing to be Benedick, following on from Benedicks first outing at Glasgow (and another viewing of Much Ado About Nothing)  I’d got a better idea of how to apply the paint without having too many hand prints.

So having covered myself in paint and perfected the Benedick quiff I was good to go, there were a few confused looks at the tube station but, as Benedick, I’m used to it!

Benedick and Gwen (me and Eve Myles)
I was really (REALLY!) glad that I went for the Benedick outfit as it was perfect for the weather and where others were flagging I was quite comfortable.

I’d decided to make EMS a nice relaxed event, there were lots of guests that I could potentially meet but I’d seen most before so I decided only to meet Eve Myles as I’d never met her before and of course David Tennant (but that wouldn’t be until the Sunday).

With my VQ ticket in hand I wandered over to see Even Myles (Gwen, Torchwood), she was really great fun to chat to and like the majority of people throughout the day had no clue what my outfit was, luckily thanks to my trusty reference picture on my phone I was able to explain it to her, she also had a bit of a shocked reaction when she saw the picture of DT and gave the slightly shocked statement of “Wow, you really look like him!”

The Girl Who Waited
Saturday was definitely a day for confused looks, the best one was when I was queuing with Leanne for her to meet Armin Shimerman. While waiting I noticed Kitty Swink and was gesturing at me and talking to her guest assistant, after a few moments they beckoned me over and once again I explained the outfit.

Today I also got given a great gift, if you’ve read my blog posts from Collectormania Milton Keynes, you’d know I was given a Matt Holden trading card, today I was given 4 other variants, two of me and Peri, one of me and DT and one of just me, all four cards were great and a fantastic gift to be given.

So with that that Saturday was just about done, all there was left was to retire to the hotel and watch the series finale of Doctor Who, the only question is would I like it or would the episode end with me shouting at the television...

Matt with Eve Myles at the Entertainment Media Show 2011