Sunday, 2 October 2011

Entertainment Media Show, Day 2 – Benedick meets Benedick (aka Matt meets David Tennant!)

So with day one of EMS completed and the series finale of Doctor Who watched it was time to put my mind to day two of EMS.

Why was day two so important, well unless you’ve been living on the moon you’d know that David Tennant himself was going to be there as a guest.

Now call me a fanboy all you like, but for me this was epic and I have to confess I was very excited! However, I also had a dilemma... What do you wear to meet someone who you class as an icon??

I’d been pondering this very question from the moment that he was attending was announced. Normally for an event I’d simply don the 10th Doctor suit and swan about as normal, but this was different, did I really want to meet David Tennant dressed at 10? How would he react and what would he think?

I asked the very question of what to wear to my Facebook Page and they replied with Ten but I still wasn’t really feeling it. I think the fact that the world and it’s mother (classic expression!) would be there dressed as Ten also didn’t really help, when I saw him did I want to be (or not be) remembered as just another Ten?

As I was suffering from indecisiveness I’d packed multiple outfits so I had a choice of what to wear on the day... However as with all things the best made plans always have a little bump in them... While walking round EMS on day one a number of people said I should meet David dressed as none other than Benedick. Could I really go to meet David Tennant covered in paint?? The seed of the idea was planted in my head...

David Tennant signing autographs
So there it was, for the third event in a row (a personal record for me!) Ten would not be making an appearance; instead Benedick would take his place! This did cause one major snag though, I had to wash and dry the whole outfit overnight to allow it to be worn again the next day!! I’m so glad that Premier Inns have heated towel rails and ironing boards!!

So Sunday morning, and déjà vu, standing in front of a mirror doing a side parting prior to covering myself in white paint (I have to confess, it’s actually really good fun!!)

I arrived at Earls Court and was in the venue in good time to allow me to get a low number VQ ticket to see David, so just after 10am, I was in the queue waiting to see him (exciting!)

There’s one bit of advice I’d give to anyone who is going to meet a celeb, think about what you’re going to say, have something to talk about and try to be original. I was hoping that Benedick and the amazing artwork that Mike Key (click here to see some) had sent for me to get signed would be sufficient...

Benedick and Benedick. Matt meets David Tennant
Now I have to confess I was nervous about meeting David Tennant at a convention, I’d met him three times before at stage doors and he always comes across really well and is brilliant, my fear was though with so many people wanting to see him that the convention experience may be rushed and less than I’d hoped for...

I’m glad to say I was completely wrong!!

David was chatting to everyone and making time for them, he genuinely is a really nice guy!! So having waited, while getting a few pictures of him signing, it was time for me to meet him properly. The look on his face when I walked up was priceless, “of all the costumes I expected to see today, that was not one of them!” he exclaimed.

Matt and David Tennant
We spoke for a good two minutes, he was asking me about the Benedick outfit and what it was like to wear the paint all day (uncomfortable is the answer!) and also about the pictures that Mike had done, he was genuinely impressed!

The lady that was sat with him also joined in the conversation having remembered me from Collectormania Milton Keynes, this resulted in me show David pictures of me dressed as the 10th Doctor and lead to a quick chat about costumes.

Our encounter ended with me shaking David’s hand and as I walked away remarked that he hoped my skin was ok! (Gotta love paint!!)

When I got back to event floor I confess I had a little ‘Fanboy Moment’. To my surprise I was then told that the whole encounter had been photographed and caught on film! Awesome!! (click here for the video)

Once I’d composed myself I then had that sinking feeling of ‘what time are my photo shoots today??’ Luckily I hadn’t missed them and they weren’t until later in the day. Phew!!

Still on a Tennant high, I had a wander round the dealer stalls and also found a safe place to store my A3 signed David Tennant picture.

One of the advantages of David being at EMS was that people actually recognised what I was dressed as!! I was amused by the occasional splutter of OMG its Benedick!

Before I knew it time had come for the Tennant photo shoot, it was busy (understatement!) but it was very well organised by the Showmasters Crew, people were called by numbers and it seemed to go really smoothly.

Me and Caitlin Blackwood
Again David was great, he greeted me with a beaming grin and ‘Hello again!’ I’d got myself two photo shoot tickets (can you blame me??) The first was a side by side and other, back to back. Both pictures were fab and I love expression on David’s face in the back to back one, just brilliant!

Back to reality! Next up was my photo shoot with the ever lovely Eve Myles, she was great and I had a nice huggy picture with her (and also managed to leave paint flecks in her hair...).

The only other picture I had booked today was with Paul McGann in his Doctor costume, unfortunately the costume wasn't available so I decided against the photo (I’ve already got a few with Paul). Instead went off to see the ever gorgeous Georgia Moffett, when I walked up she grinned and simply said “I’ve heard about you”. I looked confused, and then the penny dropped... David had mentioned me to Georgia; she said he was impressed and that I’d stood out! (Insert second fanboy moment of the day here...).

The ever gorgeous Georgia Moffett
I walked (well, more floated) away from my chat to Georgia and went in search of tea. (Random fact for you: Georgia Moffett is the only person to ever make me go weak at the knees!)

During the day I also met a few members of the DT-Forum (If you’re reading this, HI!) and also ended up settling a dispute over 10th Doctor Lookalikes for one of the Showmasters Crew, it’s always good to be recognised when not in costume!

My final fanboy moment (I know three in one day!) Was again Tennant related. Mick, who had given me my Matt cards the day before, also presented a card to David. The card featured me and David both as the Doctor. David did a double take (I’m told) and then Mick explained that it was me, which DT thought was great!

Matt Trading Cards!!
I can honestly say that EMS was one of the most enjoyable events that I’ve ever been to, it was really well run and the Showmasters Crew were on form, the only delay in the photo sessions was caused by Joe Flannigan being late for his session (he runs on his own time, lol).

The photo collection was well organised, the only thing that really hampered it was the printers messing up and double printing some pictures and the public not listening to instructions. How hard can it be to walk round a table and look for your pictures, if they are not there, come back later, don’t just stop and wait!!

Bravo to all involved with the event! It was great!!

I wonder how many times I’ve written David Tennant in this post??

Benedick and Benedick - Matt Holden and David Tennant at the Entertainment Media Show 2011

Matt Holden and David Tennant at the Entertainment Media Show 2011