Monday, 8 October 2012

We Have A Podcast Now, Podcasts Are Cool...

If you follow my Facebook Page or Twitter account you'll probably have noticed that I've launched a new project with with my good friend Tim, we have a Podcast called 'Journeys in Fandom'!

No Matt! Don't make me use the paper!
Episode 1 was released on Sunday (October 7th), with the following synopsis:
"In the first ever episode Tim and Matt introduce themselves and explain just what is Journeys in Fandom. In the main feature of this episode the guys discuss and give a review of the first half of series 7 of Doctor Who. But there is still time for Tim to try an describe wargaming and fail, Matt to insult an entire country and the guys to come up with the best review sound bite for a Doctor Who episode ever."

 As you can see not a bad effort for an hours worth of chatting!

If you've not yet given the Podcast a listen you can here it here!

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