Thursday, 17 January 2013

What Makes A Great Facebook Page?

Facebook pages, not the most riveting of topics but one that does need discussion on occasion, I’ve been running my page for two and a half years now so I wanted to share my thoughts on what I think makes a good page, if you run a page yourself this post may be worth a read…

Where to start…

1.       Content:

This is the key for any page, it’s all about content! So what should you think about in relation to content:

Be Different:

My view, keep it interesting and try to be a bit different. There are many, many, (many, many, etc) pages on Facebook, if we just look at Doctor Who, there are many hundreds! The downside with so many pages is that there is only a finite amount of information that is available…

The result of this is that a lot of pages can end up with similar content, not great if you’re looking to build up a following…

Try to keep your content unique, find a niche for yourself and use that to develop what you do!

Keep It Varied:

While on the subject of content try to keep it as varied as possible, people quickly get bored of the same thing so make sure you are able to offer a selection of things for people to enjoy.

Quality Not Quantity:

Just because you can post every few minutes doesn’t mean you should… It’s better to post a small number of high quality updates rather than post ‘rubbish’ every couple of moments… People don’t like their news feeds being filled by one page.

I'd also try to avoid massively long status updates, they are far more effective when done as notes, they tend to get seen more as well.

Stay On Topic:

If you’re running a page dedicated to a topic, stick to it. Simples…

2.       Make Friends!

Facebook is all about making friends, and so is running a page! If people enjoy interacting with your page they are more likely to use it more and as a result it’ll become more popular.

If people post on your page chat to them and interact, as pages get larger this isn’t always possible but try to as much as possible, this is social networking after all!

It’s also good to make friends with other pages; you then end up with a community see previous line about this being social networking.

3.       Share And Share Alike…

If you see something cool on another page then share it (it’s why the share button was invented…) don’t steal it and post it as your own, that’s just poor form…

If you share content of pages you like the chances are they will do the same for you! (See ‘make friends’!)

4.       Credit Where Credit Is Due…

If you find something cool on the internet and post it on your page, say where you got it from (this isn’t always possible I know!)

5.       No Drama!

This is a big one, especially in the Who community… Not everyone will get along, accept it and move on.

Don’t use your page to attack other pages or individual people, end of.

6.       Don’t Feed The Trolls…

This links in to ‘No Drama’, sometimes the creatures from under the bridge will stumble across your page and try to cause chaos. If this happens delete the rubbish and move on…

Do not pick fights with them! Also don’t post ‘show me you love me’ style statuses…

7.       Don’t Beg For Promo…

One thing that winds me up is pages posting on my page with just the words ‘promo for promo’, to me it just shows a hint of desperation or a lack of respect, I don’t do it.

If you want people/pages to like yours then stick to the rules above, if you run a quality page people will like and share you for that reason.

If you’d like another page you follow do help you out and share something then talk to them and ask via messages with the admins of the page, chat to people and make friends!

8.       Don’t spam

Title says it all really!

9.       Don't be Obsessed with Numbers

It's always great to have likes and to have a successful page but don't get caught up with the numbers, if you loose a like it's not the end of the world, it's great to have a goal of how many followers you want but don't make it your focus.

10.     Never claim to be the best

Have a page because you enjoy it, always strive to do the best you can do, but don't make it a competition with other pages, it won't win you any friends. If you claim to be the best at something you only have one place to go and that's downhill...

That’s it, my view on pages, I use the above when running my page, it might work for yours too!