Monday, 4 March 2013

Wales 2013, Part 3 – Is There A Dalek On That Sign?

Ah, Monday we meet again! But this time it’s a holiday Monday!! Woohoo!

Today’s plan was quite simple, wander around Cardiff Bay and visit the new Doctor Who Experience!, I’ve been twice previously when it was in London but, as yet, hadn’t managed to visit the new one in Cardiff.

Cardiff Bay first of all, I’ve been to the Bay a number of times, but I always love to go back as it’s just such a nice place to visit. Amy had never been to the Bay (or the UK for that matter) so I went into tour guide mode and pointed out the various locations that had been used for filming, which is most of the bay!

As with all trips to the bay, it wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Ianto shrine, which although looking a bit worse for wear, is still there and also still having new items added to it! In addition to the Ianto shrine we also went to Eddie’s Diner, which should be another place that you see on any visit to the Bay. Ice cream at Eddies equals a happy Matt!

Onto the Doctor Who Experience! The first thing I spotted before even getting there was the signs, they have Daleks on! Dalek signs are cool!! As you approach the DW Experience the first thing you see is the Tardis outside, yep definitely the right place!

The interactive element of the DW Experience is unchanged from when I saw it in London, the museum section has been heavily updated with a lot on new props and costumes since the London days.

There was one thing that did take a little getting used to, and that was having the signs in dual language (English and Welsh), the problem this causes is that the signs become quite large, but that’s really my only complaint and lets be serious it’s a tiny one!

My favourite part of the DW Experience is still (and probably always will be) Tens Tardis interior, it’s so nice to be able to walk round the set where David filmed a lot of his scenes while he was the Doctor!

One thing that was also nice is while I was walking round the displays one lady commented on my look recognising me as a Doctor lookalike (it’s the hair!)

To have a read of my first visit to the DW Experience (the London one) click this link!

The rest of our Monday was quite relaxed, it had to be, we had a rather busy Tuesday planned!

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