Sunday, 3 March 2013

Wales 2013, Part 2 – ‘Who’ Ya Gonna Call?

It’s Sunday morning and it’s too early, however I’m up and working to once again get my hair to defy gravity for a few hours, so having offered up the correct prayers to the hair gods I’m good to go. Once again Kate was being difficult (she and I will be having words soon…)

Having found the event location and parked up, it was time to spend the day at Cardiff International Comic Expo.

Today saw me dressed as Ten and Amy as River Song (Lets Kill Hitler version). I’ve never done this particular event before so wasn’t sure how busy it would be. It was really good fun and as it’s a smaller event I was able to mess about a bit resulting in a collection of random pictures including some of me trying my hand as a ghost buster…  

The great thing about teaming up with the guys and gals from Charity Sci-fi is that no matter what the event it’s always guaranteed to be a fun day, there was the ritual of trying to mess up my hair and me and Matt E (11th Doctor) just messed around as normal, there is no better way to spend an event!

Today we were also joined by Jitan from Monster Photography which did mean there were a lot of really good pictures of the day including a number of out-takes (and yes these are all on my page).

The Sunday evening was spent at my favourite food location, Frankie and Bennys! One day I will order something different, but not today!

With Sunday done, it was time to plan our Wales trip proper!

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