Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Wedding of Sao Til

Writing about a wedding, I hear you ask. Bit off topic for you isn’t it? Well... Yes, yes it is, but read on.

I first met Tim (aka Sao Til) in March 2010 when he was a guest at Timequest 2, a Doctor Who convention run by 10th Planet Events. For those of you who don’t know and are wondering why Tim was a guest at the event, he was the winner on the search for a Doctor Who Alien Superstar that was held on John Barrowman’s ‘Tonight’s the Night’.
Me as me :)

Following on from meeting Tim at Timequest we kept in touch (ah, what would we do without Facebook...) and when Collectormania Milton Keynes came round ended up adopting him, since then he’s become a great and valued friend and a key member of the normal convention attending group.
Skip on a few months and I was invited to Tim and Laura’s wedding, which, I must say was a bit of an honour for me considering I hadn't known them that long.
With the wedding rapidly approaching Jemma had been winding Tim and Laura up that I would end up recreating the scene from the wedding of Sarah Jane when the Doctor bursts in shouting “Stop this wedding! Now!"
The happy couple
Team Til had nothing to worry about though, if there is one thing in life I’ve learned it’s never cross a bride prior to their wedding!!
June 4th – Wedding Day!
I’d promised Jemma I’d pick her up at around 8am to give us plenty of time to arrive at the Church (If I’d have been late Laura would have killed me!). I confess I was slightly on the drag and was having a panicked moment that arriving at the church on time was going to elude me, this caused a bit of a cold sweat (see previous comment about my certain death), luckily the ever reliable Kate was on hand to get us there, not just on time but early!!

The Church was lovely and the wedding was really beautiful, a really good service. I found it quite emotional (Jemma says the reason for this is that I was like that was I was mourning the fact our supposed bromance was no more and I’d have to share Tim).
Every wedding should involve a Tardis

Laura looked amazing, and both members of Team Til looked so happy, a really lovely event.
Onto the reception...

What Tim didn’t know is that there was a special surprise waiting at the hotel... A Tardis!

Tim’s face was priceless! Just total shock. Never have I been to a wedding before where the wedding photos have a Tardis in the background!

I must confess I took the opportunity to do a bit of networking and swapped cards with the guys (well you never know when you may need to get hold of a Tardis).
Tim’s wedding speech was again emotional “Laura, you’re the Lois to my Superman, the Jean Grey to my Cyclops and Ianto to my Captain Jack...”
The wedding cake also had his and hers Daleks, which I thought was a great touch!!
The reception itself also included a few classic geek moments, with a number of the songs in the DJ’s playlist being inspired from geek routes... sing it with me “here come the drums, here come the drums..”

Sum up the day in a word? Brilliant!

Sum it up in a phrase? Simply, best wedding ever!
His and hers Daleks