Saturday, 2 March 2013

Wales 2013, Part 1 – Here We Are Again…

Everyone knows that Wales is the spiritual home of Doctor Who, so when my friend Amy came to the UK to visit then a pilgrimage was definitely on the cards!

It’s Saturday March 2nd and having picked up Amy from the airport at a horribly early hour it was time to head from London over to where the Welsh come from…

I do have one major issue with driving to South Wales. That issue is the how much it costs to go over the bridge!! £6.20, how much??!! £6.20 really!!

The End of Time - Kardomah Cafe
Anyway… having raged on for a good while about how much the stupid bridge costs we diverted from Cardiff and instead headed up to Swansea, at this point Kate (my faithful Satnav) had the first of her little grumbles of the trip, she refused to acknowledge that Swansea actually existed…  

Having resorted to the power of Google to find a postcode we arrived in Port Tennant, Swansea and headed to St. David’s, parked up and set off in search of our lunch destination…  The Kardomah Café, better known as the Café from The End of Time.

Following a good lunch (and trying not to giggle at Amy following her first encounter with English food) it was time to head to Cardiff and find our hotel… Kate once again threw her toys out of the pram and wasn’t feeling overly helpful with getting us there… so after a little longer than planned and a phone call to the hotel we eventually found it!

The Impossible Astronaut - Eddies Diner
Our base for the next few days was The Royal Hotel, Cardiff. The hotel itself was gorgeous, the room was really good and not overly expensive, it’s also right in the centre of Cardiff, a bit of a pain for parking, but c’est la vie.

Our first night was spent seeing Cardiff Bay by night, if you get chance give the Bay a look after dark as it is really beautiful, we also ducked into Eddie’s Diner (you know the one from the Impossible Astronaut) for a bite to eat before heading back to the hotel for a relatively early night. The only flaw in this plan was that it was St. David’s Day weekend and the entire of Wales was out on the town… It’s a good thing that I can sleep through anything!

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